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What Makes Earthing Shoes Unique?

By David Gelfand

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Jun 4, 2014 3:56:00 PM

It’s something we do each and every day. We wake up, shower, make our breakfast, and get ready for the day ahead. Before rushing out the door, though, we throw on our shoes (unless you’re lucky enough to work barefoot and/or on a beach!)regular-shoesMost of us rarely think twice about it, but it’s important to consider what those shoes are made of. What is it that attracted you to those shoes in the first place? Was it the color, the comfort, the style? While all of these factors are important, there’s something missing from the list.

At Juil, we’ve combined all of these factors, but added one more – Earthing. Earthing shoes are part of a new wellness trend that’s becoming recognized by doctors, yoga instructors, spas, and people like you and me!

The concept of Earthing can be best understood by considering something much simpler – walking barefoot. When you walk barefoot on a natural surface (sand, grass, soil, etc.), you tend to feel better in body and mind. This is because there’s actually something happening beneath your feet. By touching the earth, your body is absorbing the earth’s limitless supply of electrons. These electrons, in turn, act as antioxidants and help dispel/neutralize harmful free radicals in your body (which have built up as a result of inflammation, toxins, stress, etc.). Check out our interview with Dr. Roy Lidke where he discusses the scientific benefits of earthing.

So, what makes Earthing shoes unique? How do they employ this practice of barefoot health?

FlipFlops1Well, your “normal” day-to-day shoes are lacking something very important – your connection to the earth. Most shoes use either rubber or plastic outsoles. As you may know, plastic and rubber are both insulators. While you may be comfortable or fashionable in your traditional shoes, they’re blocking a very important connection between you and the earth.

Earthing shoes, on the other hand, have this covered. Juil has designed earthing shoes using copper “dots.” By placing copper all the way through the outsole, wearing Juil shoes allows you to maintain a connection to the earth while going about your day. A greater explanation on the use of copper can be found in this post –

Check out Juil’s collection of earthing shoes and sandals – styles for both men and women available.

If you’d like to learn more about the Earthing concept, check out our EXPLORE page or our Earthing FAQ.

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