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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Your Workout Routine

By Erin Acklin

Jul 22, 2014 9:17:00 AM

morning-yoga-practice-workoutThe perfect workout. You see them advertised all the time, on Facebook, Pinterest, and in all of the magazines on the end of the check out aisle at the grocery store. However, the perfect workout is essentially a myth. There is no end all be all in the category of perfect workouts. No one routine will ever apply to all human beings. There is, on the other hand, the possibility for the perfect workout for you. Every person is a little different, and this applies to workouts as well. Certain fitness routines will work better for others than it might for you. Finding your perfect exercise plan takes a little more than just a Google search or a Facebook quiz.

Start off by assessing your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Build endurance? These are the big goals. Unfortunately, workout plans don’t usually aim to fit all three. It’s best to decide which of these fits your needs the best. If you’re training for a 10K, your ideal workout is most likely going to look a lot different than that of someone who is trying to tone and gain muscle. It’s best to decide what your end goal is, and then decide which focus will get you there. Find what you want to accomplish and build your training around it. 

A good workout requires a little research. Prime workout plans aren’t always easy to create. This is why it’s important to dig a little deeper into the types of exercises you should be doing based on your goals. Watch tutorials, read up on the basics, and look for someone who has found success using a plan you’re interested in. 

workout-schedule-for-women-1Start now. Don’t put things off for tomorrow, or next week, or to a time that you feel will be more convenient. Commit to your workout. If you start making excuses now, you’ll never see things through to the end.

Pick a plan and follow through with it for a month or two. Then, reevaluate. In order to truly notice results, you have to track your progress. Every two weeks, take measurements, weigh yourself, take photos. In order to know whether you’re starting to see results, you need to be aware of how your body is progressing. Are you seeing improvement? If yes, great, keep going. If no, determine why you’re not seeing results. Are you following the plan exactly? Are there any small changes you can make to improve your workout? Are you trying to do too much? Any half decent plan will most likely get results. However, plans that seemed like the holy grail of workouts may end up not being the right fit. If your workout isn’t working out, move on to another one. Don’t try to find success with a plan that seems to be consistently failing for you.

Consistency is also an important factor. If you’re going to try a plan, give it your all. Don’t partially commit. Plans are designed to help you find success when followed closely. Follow through with what you’ve committed to. If you’re not seeing results after closely following a plan, that’s when you should start looking into other plans.

early-morning--trail-runMost importantly, find what motivates you. You may find comfort in competition and thrive off of seeing improvement in your workouts. Or perhaps you find the positive energy present in group fitness motivates you the most. Maybe you enjoy the adventure in trying new and exciting fitness options. If you’re doing a plan that you find completely unbearable, it will be difficult to keep your motivation high. Every person is different, so if something seems to be working well for a friend, that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Do a workout that makes you happy. Accomplishing your goals takes drive, and you’re not going to feel motivated if you’re doing something you hate. If you’re starting to train and decide that you hate working out in the gym atmosphere, take your workout outside. If running is making you miserable, why not try swimming instead? The best workout for you is always one that you enjoy.

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