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Summer – The Earthing Season

By David Gelfand

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Jul 28, 2014 10:00:00 AM

spending-time-outside-2Where I live, summer is without a doubt the most coveted time of the year. With a brutal nine month winter behind us, there’s absolutely nothing we yearn for more than some sunshine, warmth, and the sight of the sprouting earth. 

Once the summer season fully rolls around (at least here), we absolutely have to take advantage of it while it lasts. Two to three months of cool, carefree vibes in the summer sun can fly by – trust me! 


Summer is the season of earthing. 

This is the season when the earth truly flourishes and boasts all of its immaculate sights and powers. The trees begin to blossom, grass springs through the earth, and the ice cream truck slowly rolls around the corner with its familiar jingle ringing through the neighborhood. 

When summer is upon us, we can (and must) get back in touch with the earth. Winter keeps us insulated so that we don’t freeze and remain comfortable, but it hurts us due to the lack of natural exposure. It’s something called Nature Deficit Disorder. Our bodies need to be in touch with the earth. It’s like a battery that keeps us charged and, in the summer days, puts a healthy smile on our face. You’d be surprised how healthy outdoor exposure is – not only physiologically, but emotionally as well. It’s no surprise that most people who are depressed are also those who rarely get to roam free in the grass and sun.

If there’s one thing you’re going try this summer, make it earthing. In the science world it’s called “earthing,” but others simply refer to it as going barefoot. Independent studies and research have shown that this simple connection with the earth’s surface may be much more profound than ever realized before. There’s even been an entire book written about it!


Put simply, our bodies need to somehow neutralize/stabilize free radicals that build up in our bodies. These free radicals are a result of injury, stress, or simply too much inflammation (which is a natural reaction to injury). When paired with an electron, these free radicals become “stable” and stop destroying healthy cells. 

So how does it all piece itself together? Well, luckily enough, the earth’s surface is teeming with an endless supply of these electrons that are available for our taking! When you walk barefoot or wear earthing shoes, you’re able to absorb these electrons and stabilize your body’s frequencies. Other than that, walking barefoot just feels good and is something I absolutely love doing on a daily basis during the summer.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how you feel!

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