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By Will Knight

May 2, 2014 1:30:00 PM

Hometown: Newcastle, NSW, AustraliaCurrent town: Newcastle, NSW, Australiaamy_landry-1

How did you first learn about Juil?

I became aware of the Juil company online, a couple of years back. I recall seeing the ever-inspiring Kathryn Budig rocking her pair of Juil Heras. They looked amazing, and when I researched further, I was pulled in instantly by the company’s philosophy.

What are your experiences wearing Juil footwear?

Being Australian, typically I’m a huge fan of wearing flip flops (every day). So they must be comfortable, supportive and stylish. My Juil sandals are all of the above. Significant to mention is how important and inspiring their message is as a business, which resonates with me deeply.

What does it mean to you to be connected/grounded to the Earth?

I’m a deep nature lover. I bask in the sunlight for a couple of minutes each day. I value fresh air in every moment. And nothing helps to ground me more than walking barefoot on the earth, whether it be sand, soil, or fresh green grass. This is also a hugely important practice in Ayurveda, particularly in the summer season of Pitta.


What’s your favorite Juil style/color?

I’m a true fan of the stylish and comfortable Brio, in Gold. I purchased these originally when they were limited edition, and was so excited when they came out as a permanent product!

Tell us about yourself! (Brief Bio)

I was awakened to yoga in 2006 whilst working internationally as a professional dancer. My journey began with a consistent devoted practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga, which allowed for the same fluidity and expression that dance offered, but with the added spiritual practices.

As a result, I felt that yoga not only aided in my recovery of dance injuries throughout the years, but it also cleansed my mind, body, and breath, creating space for growth and transformation. I believe that the path of yoga is not only via sweat (asana), but also breath (pranayama), love (bhakti), seva (service), and conscious living. From both teacher and student perspective, I witness the yoga practice as an aid to releasing layers of the ego, to find more authenticity within. I encourage others to uncover the deeper layers of the self to initiate change, growth and healing.

Presently in 2013, I teach full time in my hometown of Newcastle, Australia. Off the mat, my time is filled formally studying Ayurveda with the AIAS. I am also an avid book reader, tea drinker, cat lover, and nature appreciator. As a global traveler, I envision a future teaching the global community. I’m devoted to sharing the ancient practices with others, as well as helping each soul to find their individual flow and full potential.

Connect with Amy online at or @amyelandry on Twitter

What Inspires you?:

Nature, stillness and quiet, the sunrise, yoga inversions, philosophy, animals, activists, Ayurveda, and honesty.


What’s the most interesting fact about yourself that people might not believe?

In 2009, I suffered severe burns from an oil fire to my face, neck, chest, left arm, and hand whilst living abroad on a professional dance contract in Macau. I miraculously recovered with no skin grafts or obvious scarring. Utterly grateful!

Interests and hobbies?

I love drinking tea - and brewing up a homemade turmeric chai every morning, as a ritual. I love being by the ocean, walking amongst nature, hiking, reading books, studying Ayurveda, and making travel plans! I also love cooking - I’m a vegetarian, so I love to find brilliant and tasty recipes to share with others.

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