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Is Earthing Possible on Concrete?

By David Gelfand

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May 21, 2014 9:30:00 AM

With the summer months slowly creeping around the corner, we begin to plan ahead for these warm months. The countless pastimes we want to relive and new adventures we wish to explore. Grilling out, swimming in the lake, hiking in the forest, and the list goes on. What will your summer consist of?

earthing-bare-feetEver since you were a little kid, running barefoot in the grass was a pleasant feeling during these summer months. It brought about a sense of carefree energy and soothing thoughts. But these feelings aren’t exclusive to children. As a teenager, adult, or senior, the calming sensations of being barefoot in the sand, grass, or dirt are still attainable.

Recent research and studies have begun to shed light onto the root of these sensations. In the science world, this contemporary wellness trend is known as Earthing. It’s as simple as walking barefoot and being in direct contact with the earth beneath your feet.

Earth_Western_Hemisphere_transparent_backgroundFor years, buildings have been erected and we’ve begun to spend far too much time inside, separated from the natural wonders of the world. The synthetic world, coupled with toxins, EMFs, and pollution have all led to an unhealthy world and unstable body.

For those of us seeking a healthy, natural alternative, Earthing may be the perfect first step. These recent studies have suggested that the Earth’s natural, plentiful source of electrons may serve an antioxidant-like function, protecting against many health ailments, including the far-too-common inflammation.

At Juil, we often hear this question a lot – Is earthing on concrete possible when barefoot or wearing earthing shoes? Well, you’re not totally at a loss there, don’t worry. Conductivity between your body and the earth may still exist when you’re barefoot or wearing earthing shoes on the concrete. This depends on two things –


1) The aggregate used within the concrete is definitely a factor. Depending on the thickness of the layer used, the amount of conductivity will differ. Sealed concrete, on the other hand, will not be a good conductor.

2) When humid or wet, concrete is more likely to be conductive (similar to the natural earth being wet). Because water is a great conductor (and our bodies are made up of much water), wetter concrete may serve you well.

If being barefoot isn’t possible all the time, then earthing shoes are your next best bet. Juil has designed many earthing sandals for these summer months. With copper dots placed in the toe points, you’re about to maintain a conductive channel between your feet at the earth’s surface. It’s as if you’re barefoot, but you’ve got Juils on your feet.

To learn more about the concept of grounding, how it works, and how Juils are made, check out our EXPLORE page or our Earthing FAQ page.

Post by David Gelfand

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