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By David Gelfand

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Jun 18, 2014 10:00:00 AM

To make you look sharp and feel comfortable, we make sure never to stray away from our roots and what makes us unique. Those “dots” in our footwear are that satisfaction for something fresh – something that will make you feel whole and balanced. They’re based on a concept known as grounding, or “connecting” as we call it.

couple-in-the-parkFor those of you that aren’t familiar, grounding is the science behind our bodies’ direct connections with the surface of the earth (i.e. skin to earth connection). We’ve all felt that calm, soothing sensation when walking on the beach or morning grass, but most of us never think twice about it. Turns out, there is substance behind it. Because of our (human) gradual disconnection from the earth, our body builds up a positive charge of free radicals, slowly growing to cause disease and inflammation. The bountiful source of electrons in the earth’s surface can help dispel these free radicals.

Put simply – connecting with the earth isn’t just enjoyable, but it’s good for you! It's this “balancing act” that helps us remain stable, whole, and connected.

When reading a blog by The Bulletproof Executive recently, I can across his post titled How I Killed Jet Lag and Got More REM Sleep Too. “Wait a second,” you might say. “What does connecting with the earth have to do with being thousands of feet away from the earth?!”

It turns out, a lot!

car-mirrow-viewWe all know the tumultuous nature of traveling long distances – you come out of it feeling drained, sore, and perhaps even fatigued. Why is this? Well, jetlag messes up our bodies’ circadian rhythms and, in essence, takes our bodies out of balance. Evidently, this is at least partially due to our temporary disconnect from nature and comfortable balance.

Despite being thousands of feet above the earth’s surface, this disconnect is similar to our modern day’s disconnect due to wearing insulated footwear and spending the majority of our time in closed-in, synthetic environments. Studies have shown that grounding oneself by connecting with the earth has a positive effect on mind and body balance when trying to escape the insulating nature of daily life.

juil-leather-sandalsIn his self bio-hack analysis, Dave Asprey tested the benefits of earthing on himself in an attempt to alleviate the negative side-effects of jetlag. Asprey describes his experience, stating that, “I tried doing yoga in the park by my hotel, barefoot. What an incredible difference. No jet lag at all.” He goes on to say that he slept better, felt more energized, and worked to alleviate his jetlag symptoms.

Worth a try, right? Grounding through barefoot connections is free and makes you feel better. For those of you traveling in the coming months, don’t hesitate to walk barefoot in the morning or when getting off of a flight.

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