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Earthing - #3 Spa and Wellness Trend

By David Gelfand

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Jun 25, 2014 10:00:00 AM

spending-time-outsideRooting oneself to the earth is a core aspect of many wellness trends and patterns. For example, the yoga practice centralizes the importance of the root chakra. Poses such as Bridge and Mountain Pose are meant to ground you (and your root chakra) in the present moment and establish a firm connection with the earth. Even savasana after an exhausting yoga session, when done on the earth’s surface, is an example of lying fully connected to the earth.


The idea of touching the earth, being in touch with the earth’s surface, and taking in the earth’s surrounding  powers has been around for ages. However today, more than ever before, we are beginning to realize the true importance and power that the earth has.

Independent studies and research have shown that going barefoot (or any other direct connection with the earth’s surface) may have a profound impact on your health. Suggested benefits of going barefoot, or “earthing” as it has become known, include help with inflammation, sleep cycles, and EMF protection. But most importantly, everyone tends to agree that going barefoot or earthing makes you feel better.

It has become so popular that, in 2013, SpaFinder ranked earthing as the third most popular and influential Spa trend!

Earthing shoes have joined the club! Check out one of our blog posts about how earthing shoes can help you. 


While going barefoot is preferable for all, it’s unfortunately not always possible. That’s where earthing shoes come in. By creating a direct, conductive connection between your feet and the earth’s surface, your body is able to absorb the healthy free electrons from the earth’s surface.

So, while you may be able to go barefoot at the spa, you can now take that spa feeling with you on-the-go with earthing shoes as well! Juil offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s styles of earthing shoes.

To learn a bit more about earthing shoes and the concept behind them, check out our EXPLORE page.


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