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8 Ways to Refresh Your Routine

By Abby Rasmussen

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Jun 17, 2014 10:00:00 AM

refresh-your-routineDo you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Maybe you find that your daily routine is boring and repetitive. It can become difficult to be excited each morning when you do the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes, the simple solution is just to shake things up a little bit! You don’t need a dramatic change to get out of your rut. Here are my eight simple tips to get “unstuck”:

  1. Try a new workout- If you do the same exercise routine every day, it can become harder and harder to be motivated. Whether it’s trying a new class or moving outside, a new routine can help you look forward to your workout. Plus, you’ll work new muscles that you weren’t before!
  2. new-living-spaceRearrange your living space- The simple act of moving furniture around can bring a fresh, new look to a room without the cost of renovating. It will also exercise your brain to change up the floor plan you are used to looking at.
  3. Clean out your closet- I often find that I hang on to clothes long after I stop wearing them, which clutters both my closet and my mind. It always feels good to purge out unused clothes and make space in your wardrobe (for new clothes, of course!). Bonus: donate used clothes to charity and you’ll get a feel-good boost as well!
  4. Plan a trip- Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a dream vacation to Europe, planning a trip provides you something to look forward to. The preparation also gives you something enjoyable to do in your free time and is a great way to bond with fellow vacationers. 
  5. Get a new haircut- I’m not talking just a trim here. Be bold! Browse around the internet or Pinterest for ideas. Then, rock your new ‘do! Since you likely get your haircut on a regular basis anyways, it’s a cheap way to revamp your look.
  6. Explore a new hobby- Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to try or something you’ve never heard of, a new hobby can shake up your daily or weekly routine. It’s also a great way to meet new people! Some suggestions: start a book club, take up baking, or learn a new sport.
  7. Try a new food, meal, or restaurant- Get out of your comfort zone and discover new flavors. Actually make that healthy meal you pinned on Pinterest. Suggest a new place to meet your friends starting-a-journalrather than your old favorite. These can also be great ways to spend time with your family and friends!
  8. Write it out- For some people, journaling provides a release from everyday stress. Ideas and problems that you can’t express verbally can often formulate better on paper. If journaling isn’t your thing, write a letter to a loved one or blog about it!


These small changes can actually make a big difference in how you approach each day. Changing up your routine or giving yourself something to look forward to can transform your entire attitude!

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