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6 Tips for a Good Morning

By Abby Rasmussen

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Jul 14, 2014 8:30:00 AM

breakfast-coffeeI know very few people who enjoy their mornings. Even though I consider myself a morning person, getting up and starting the day can still be a struggle. Mornings are often a time of stress as we rush out of the house and try to prepare ourselves (and possibly others) for the day. This is tough to do when you aren’t fully awake or are still longing for your comfy bed. But if you look at mornings negatively, it will never be more than a burden. One of the reasons I like mornings is because they provide new opportunities. Each new day offers us a fresh start, despite what the previous day or week was like. In order to take full advantage of this new start, we need a positive outlook on the start of the day. Here are my tips for starting your morning out great!Morning-stretching-beach

  1. Prepare the night before- In high school, I left my house at 6:30 a.m. sharp. For a teenager, that was ridiculously early and often left me crabby in the morning. I found that one of the keys to a smooth morning and getting out of the house on time was preparing the night before. I made my lunch, picked out an outfit, and gathered up all my homework before I went to bed. These tasks seem more doable at night, rather than in the morning when you still feel groggy. It also leaves you more time to enjoy your cup of coffee or to get ready- and who doesn’t want that?
  2. Get moving- There are a ton of benefits to working out in the morning, but even a little physical activity can start your day on the right foot. Go for a quick walk, do some jumping jacks, or stretch it out. You’ll feel more awake and kick-start your metabolism right away!
  3. Eat a good breakfast- You’ve probably heard it before, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day (and in my opinion, the most delicious). Eating a nutritious breakfast will help you feel energized and ready to start your day. Plus, it is much easier to function on a full stomach than an empty one.
  4. Unplug- Starting your day off without your phone or computer can seem difficult. It is so tempting to check your email or see what your Facebook friends are up to as soon as you wake up (sometimes before you even roll out of bed!). But spending the first 30-60 minutes without your phone can help you feel refreshed. You’ll become more aware of what’s going on around you. Pay attention to the sun streaming through the windows, birds chirping, and the peace and quiet of your home!
  5. Rock it out- Put together a playlist to wake you up and motivate you. Pick songs that will get you moving or relax you so you are ready to tackle the day. With a great playlist, you’ll actually look forward to your morning routine!
  6. Find “me” time- Even if it means getting up ten minutes earlier, having time for yourself in the Morning-meditation-manmorning can make all the difference. Find something you love to do, like reading blogs, doing the crossword puzzle, or writing in a journal, and make it part of your routine. Setting aside time for a hobby will give you something to look forward to and start your day off right.

The most important way to make your mornings enjoyable is to find what works for you. Mornings can be the best part of the day if you fill them with things you enjoy! Once you establish a routine, you may even find yourself looking forward to waking up and getting started. And that’s not something you’ll complain about!

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