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2 Items That Let You Unplug and Tune-In

By Guest Blogger

Apr 10, 2014 7:29:00 AM

Tune-in. As practicing yogis, we hear this phrase all the time. Tuning in allows us to relax and give us time to really listen to what our bodies are telling us. This allows us to create space for any personal/internal transformation to happen. There are many ways we can take the time and get more connected with ourselves and the world around us - we can take walks in nature, we can journal, we can sit and meditate, we can have a strong and dedicated practice on the mat, we can breathe. Tuning in allows us to understand where we are holding any boundaries up, if any, and how we can we can create space for us to become ultimately happy. This week we are featuring two companies, NamaSTAY and Graphic Image, that have products that really help US relax, let go and tune-in.


NamaSTAY Yoga Towels were created in Cleveland, Ohio, by entrepreneur and inventor Cherie Greenwald. Cherie is an avid yogi who regularly practices Power Vinyasa Yoga, which is performed in a room heated to 90 degrees, and Bikram Yoga, which is performed in a room heated to 105 degrees, making yoga towels a necessity.


Since practicing yoga has given her so much, she wanted to contribute something comforting and safe to yogis everywhere. She came up with the idea of NamaSTAY Yoga Towels after witnessing too many yogis get distracted from their practice by the need to continuously smooth out the bunched up towels on their yoga mats.


Thus, NamaSTAY towels were born and trust us, they will STAY on your mat! NamaSTAY Yoga Towels have a proprietary and patented non-slip design that includes sleeves that securely wrap around both ends of a yoga mat to provide protection from slippage due to sweaty hands and feet. The towels are made of lightweight, 100% recyclable microfiber fabric that easily attaches to yoga mats and always stays in place, providing a safe and comfortable surface for practicing yoga.

NamaSTAY will help you build a strong practice on the mat because you truly aren’t going anywhere. This builds more time for you to seep in all the benefits of a yoga practice and tune into yourself.

Graphic Image, the biggest brand that nobody has heard of. They are part publisher, part product developer creating unmatched quality with planners, journals, books and personal accessories.

They are moving towards a new category in retailing by combining product and styles that are not duplicated by any other company in the world (ahem, that’s why we love them). They possess a mix of retail customers, but each is traditional, practical and luxurious in their own way.



The top stores in America know of Graphic Image’s products immediately by their style, if not by name. Their style is their brand. It is recognizable without a label. Of course the products most people know them by are the diaries, which stand to many as the finest in the world. All of Graphic Image’s writing journals possess the same three key ingredients coming together as a whole – a functional and refined writing text paper, the smyth-sewn binding, and a simple graphic design - all combining to define the books as distinctly and indisputably Graphic Image.

And that’s one of the products that got us hooked. The journals. They are absolute keepsakes. There’s no better way of tracking your travel memories, or just daily happenings, than in an awesome journal that’s going to last a lifetime. Go ahead, use your memories to create space for your ultimate transformation.

Leave your mark on the world in the world with the Teya in Ocean.

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Post by Courtney Engel


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