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Creating Community Through Connection – Tiny Devotions’ Mala Beads

By Guest Blogger

Apr 3, 2014 6:00:00 AM

"Working with both Tiny Devotions and Juil has been so inspiring because they are both companies that believe first and foremost in the power of connection. Not only do we love their product but have created lasting bonds with both companies through human connection. And community is what Rock Your Bliss is all about."

Jacki Carr and Mary Beth Larue from Rock Your Bliss


Tiny Devotions, gotta love them. They are a hip, colorful, fresh and inspired company that creates mala beads and other accessories for the bohemian girl at heart. Their mala beads represent the free spirited lifestyle of living your dreams, following your passions and looking good as you do it.

Collectively, Tiny Devotions is a combination of Boho gypsies and yogi fashionistas who are spreading awareness about mala beads to live more peaceful, intention-based lives. Tiny Devotions wanted to create pieces that inspired their wearers to live their dreams, and believe that they could rule the world! The Tiny Devotions girl is free spirited and connected but is also driven to leave her mark on the world while turning heads as she does it. Tiny Devotions will keep you in tune with your intuition and inspire you to see the bigger picture at all times… their “Manifesto” says it all:


Since we are all about connection here at Juil, we thought it would be only fitting to share with you Tiny Devotion’s new mala bead line! So whether you are trying to stay connected, be connected or feel the connection – Tiny Devotions crafts the most colorful, yet ever so elegant, malas that are only going to inspire you more to find meaning in the world around you and keep you grounded while doing so.

Tiny Devotions created The Connection Collection for a purpose: to share with the community the intention of being connected to the world as a whole. We are going to break down each style of the collection (Mala of Affection, Devotion Mala, Foster Love Mala and Memento Mala) because they each carry with them a beautiful message that can be used to relate to one’s life.


Mala Of Affection

Pearl is the focus of this Mala which promotes innocence, purity and clarity - all qualities that encourage true, passionate affection.

Devotion Mala

Amethyst represents strong healing and cleansing power allowing you to realize where the importances in your life stand. Along with pearl which represents purity, wisdom, protection and growth of love. Grey Agate builds a strong, steadfast love with those we hold in our heart.

Foster Love Mala

Encouraging acts of service promotes the growth and development of your love.

Perhaps you’re looking to foster self-love; by treating yourself, it acts as a reminder to take time for you, to serve yourself. Grey agate represents protection, luck and peace of mind. Lepidolite encourages independence for setting and attaining goals inconspicuously.

Memento Mala

Giving generously to one self is also very important; the Memento Mala acts as your reminder to treat yourself once in a while. You work hard and deserve to rejuvenate your soul with a special Memento. Pearl represents purity while always guiding you to be kind and true. Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of unconditional love and promotes creativity.

Whether you are seeking adventure, friendship, healing, strength, or need a little nourishment for new beginnings, know that Tiny Devotions is there to help inspire you to create the life that you have always dreamt of. Celebrate life’s journey and believe that you, indeed, CAN rule your own world. It’s time to connect to what truly matters… Stay connected with Tiny Devotions (and us at Juil, of course)!


Photo: Jacki Carr in the Juil Nala’s in Luggage and Mary Beth Larue in the Juil Teya’s in Black. Oh, and they are rockin’ their very own Rock Your Bliss Mala from Tiny Devotions.

Post by Courtney Engel


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