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Happy Spring Equinox – Keeping Your Body in Harmony

By Peter Coulter

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Mar 24, 2014 5:52:00 AM

Happy (official) Spring! Spring is all about keeping the harmony and alignment in your body. The Equinox occurs twice a year when the Earth is in perfect alignment/harmony neither tilting away or towards the sun. This harmony in nature, we can apply in lives and our bodies – whether it is eating right, listening to our heart more, or several other aspects. The Spring Equinox is celebrated on the first day of Spring – all of nature is budding and showing signs of activity after a long Winter. The days are longer. We almost feel reenergized and reborn during the Spring Equinox because it allows us to create new opportunities in our lives. Ask yourself, “What priorities am I aligning myself with?” “How can I listen to and respect nature?” “Where do I need more balance in my life?”

Find harmony within yourself and nature this Spring.








Post by Peter Coulter


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