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The Path of Life – The Way We Walk

By Guest Blogger

Mar 11, 2014 7:27:00 AM

By: Shaman Durek


We are all on a path, a path called life. We are all on our own paths that lead us to different places. The Universe has a plan for each and every one of us – throw caution into the wind as you take that first step down your path of life. No one realizes when we take that first step where it’s going to lead us, but that’s the beauty of the whole journey.


When we look at life we are looking into a window of great adventure. An adventure which will lead us to meeting many great people. There’s a reason why we meet people – either you will open their eyes to something or they will be the reason your life changes. We learn from people and experiences in our lives which deepen our own self of being. This causes us to be more present in our bodies and in our discovery of our life.

The great thing about this journey is that we are not alone (even though we may think that we are). There is always someone there even when we may not realize it. The great mystery of life is always evolving and uncovering itself for us. As long as we keep walking, moving, growing, we are still experiencing and taking in the beauty of life.

Life is a beautiful thing and it becomes more so when we hold our perception of the beauty that it is.

There are some people who walk in sadness and loss, others that walk in happiness… no matter how hard or easy it may seem, each step you take on your path is necessary. Each step will lead you to something unexpected, a new achievement or another beautiful moment. There is no path in life that will not bring you to the core foundations of growth and evolution, but what is most important is how you walk this path of life. At times this path ahead of you may seem long, unbearable or almost dream-like where you never want to get off the path that you are on… however it feels, it’s how you walk your path and how you experience life while on your path that is important. There are many ways to reach your destinations, but don’t lose sight of the end of the journey and what you are trying to achieve along the way.


I believe that we can be zen walkers through life, we can be the walking sage, the walking healer, the walking lover, the walking teacher. Remember that the journey- both external and internal- begins with the heart. Keep your heart open, your mind accepting of change and your body free. A human being gains their wisdom from how she or he chooses to walk in life. Being grounded and being aware of the present moment is the greatest and most beautiful experience one could ask for. No moment is the same – each moment brings you something wonderful, new people, new achievements. Surrender, breathe, center yourself and allow yourself to flow through the path we call life.

Allow yourself to experience the world that is waiting for you. Say “yes” to the adventure that life leads you on. The journey awaits and it all starts with that first step. Be grounded, be real, walk free.

How will you choose to walk?

Walk with Juil and accept the adventure.


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