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Juil Ambassador Spotlight – Anton Mackey

By Will Knight

Feb 28, 2014 10:50:00 AM


About Anton in his own words:

I began my yoga journey just a short time ago, in search of stress relief. What I found has become the greatest passion of my life! I completed my 200hr teacher training program in 2009 at At One Yoga in Scottsdale, Arizona. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my wife Dusti and dog Jack. I teach public classes, privates and workshops at multiple studios in the valley, and am most passionate about teaching/creating Yoga For A Cause events (charity based community classes). I am a faculty teacher for several 200hr Teacher Training programs, with a focus on teaching yoga anatomy. I have had the pleasure of introducing yoga to several high school athletic and after school programs. I guest teach at studios throughout the nation and lead yoga retreats around the globe.

I’ve been inspired by so many amazing teachers of yoga and spirituality and truly love to learn, grow, and evolve! (my main yoga inspirations include: John Salisbury, Jenn Chiarelli, Alex Austin, Vanessa Lee, Ian Lopatin, Cheryl Oliver, Darren Rhodes, Vinnie Marino, Brock and Krista Cahill, Jonny Kest, Dice Iida-Klein, Briohny Smyth, Desiree Lapre, Malachai Melville, Julie Boyd, Tiffany Cruikshank, Meghan Currie, and Annie Carpenter.)

I believe Yoga is a transformational practice that encourages us to look inward to create a deeper connection to our soul, leading to a more healthy and happy life. I love to read about different mystical traditions, religions, and spiritual practices as well as deepen my understanding of the energetic and anatomical body. My personal spiritual practice is an ever expanding understanding of myself and my place in this amazing universe.

My classes are a challenging blend of power and flow, infused with light-hearted spirituality designed to inspire students to be their highest selves. You will find mindful sequences and tricky transitions that move with the breath and music as well as detailed instruction on anatomical alignment (inspired by my degree in Anatomy & Physiology from Arizona State University). You can expect core exercises, arm balances and inversions, deep stretches, hands on adjustments, and insightful pointers to apply to your practice.

My classes and workshops are designed to help students take their practice to the next level with mindfulness and a deeper understanding of the their own body. My class will leave you inspired and full of passion and gratitude for every breath, step, pose, and moment you get to take!


Anton Mackey C.S.C.S., RYT


Albuquerque, NM

Current town:

Phoenix, Arizona

What do you never leave the house without?

My wedding ring

Where is your favorite place to sport Juil footwear? And what have your experiences been?!

Airport. They're so comfy and they keep me grounded while I'm flying in the sky.

What are the first three words that come to your mind when someone says: “grounded” or “connected?”

Earth, Peace. Soul

We want to know what your typical morning looks like!

Wake up with a kiss goodbye from my wife; snuggle with my dog Jack; get up and meditate (with Jack by my side); practice yoga; teach yoga.

What is one mantra that is like a remedy for your soul?

"Let the energy move through you...detach, let go, see everyone and everything as a mirror"

How do you channel your inner 5 year old?

Watch Star Wars movies or buy Star Wars action figures

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I'm a cryer!

What is your favorite pose to teach in your classes? And why?

Forearm balance (Pincha Mayurasana). It’s a pose that empowers students and opens areas of the body that are tight on most people.

If you’re not on a yoga mat, where can we find you?

Standing next to one of my student's yoga mats!

Last but not least, you have to fill us in on your favorite Juil style and color!

Apollo- brown

You can follow Anton on Facebook, @AntonYoga on Twitter, and Instagram

Also, check out her website:


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