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2 Woman-Inspired Companies Turning Passions into Realities

By Guest Blogger

Feb 27, 2014 6:29:00 AM

This week we are featuring two women-run companies who were not afraid to turn their passions into something great. These young women entrepreneurs have not only started successful and inspirational brands, but they are constant reminders to always dream big. You can, indeed, reach your goals when you set your mind to it.


Liquido Active is an activewear brand specializing in clothing for the bold, confident woman… everywhere. This company was founded by a Brazilian yoga teacher who lives in Sydney. Did you know this company is run from a garage in Curl Curl, Australia!? Through word of mouth, their reputation grew and popularity increased. The company now has over 80 stores in Brazil, a popular international presence and is based in the land down under! Their funkiness ranges from tops and bottoms to accessories. Trust me, once in your Liquidos, everyone will be asking you where you got those and how they can get their own!


Kaleidoscope Juice, organic and raw cold pressed juice out of Arizona, was founded by a mother and daughter duo. A dynamic duo they are – Alexandra and Andrea are a powerhouse (side note: they make up an awesome Juil Ambassador team)! They consciously live their lives based on the belief that, “We Create Our Own Reality” which is based on the quality of the energy that we hold through our thoughts, actions and of course… the amazing foods we eat! They have created a mission to inspire others to start enjoying their life by paying attention to daily, healthy food choices. Increased vitality, energy, confidence and excitement are the byproducts of extracting the highest form of energy – sunlight – as captured by cells of living, raw plants that in turn are bio-available direct to our cells with every drink. Green juice, anyone!?

And that’s the story behind a couple awesome ladies who aren’t afraid to listen to their hearts!

So go ahead, ladies, carpe diem in your Nala’s!


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