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3 Companies That Bring Out Natural Beauty

By Guest Blogger

Feb 20, 2014 6:01:00 AM

Beauty industry, beware! Olivella is notorious for creating products that define “natural” beauty. Straight from the olives located in the beautiful Italian region of Umbria, Olivella cultivates and prepares them to create a natural line of skin care options. They believe that “olive oil = source of beauty” and all of their products (from olive oil bar soaps to creams to lotions to perfumes, oh my!) provide just that – natural beauty.


Believe it or not, olive oil is one of those magic “oils” that is good for everything inside and out – eating and beauty. Oh, not to mention, olive oil has a variety of health benefits too!

The lovely team at Olivella sent us an entire box of products to test out. Quite honestly, we really cannot come up with a favorite! So, let’s go back to basics by talking about how awesome the Olivella Original Bar Soap is. It is made from 100% Virgin Olive Oil. You will be pleased to discover that Olivella’s natural, virgin olive oil bar soap contains no animal fats, no harsh man-made chemicals, no dyes nor color additives. But that’s just it – with all of their products, the secret is in the 100%. 100% Virgin olive oil. Olivella preserves the natural anti- aging properties and antioxidants in olive oil by retaining the highest levels of the natural nutrients. Stay healthy and stay natural with Olivella! We love them and you should too!


Blooming Lotus Jewelry. I mean, come on, we have so much love for this company! Not only does a down right rockstar run this company (I am woman hear me roar, right!?), their collections are hand-made, yoga-inspired awesomeness! Blooming Lotus has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal and they have a TON of powerful, awesome Ambassadors behind the brand. Blooming-lotus-malasJennifer Ciraulo always knew in her heart someway, somehow she wanted to give back to the community. That’s what she ended up building with Blooming Lotus. She left her job of ten years to start this amazing company! And we are so happy she did… I know the yoga community is too J Blooming Lotus Jewelry donates a portion of sales to foundations raising awareness on autism and pediatric cancers. She uses gemstones, mala beads, spiritual symbols, chakras and hand-stamping to create meaning behind the jewelry to inspire love, positivity and awareness. What an accomplishment for this young entrepreneur!! She has a lot of exciting things on the horizon throughout 2014, so be sure to stay connected!!

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Post by Courtney Engel

Topics: The Thursday Three

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