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Bring On the New Day.

By Guest Blogger

Feb 10, 2014 5:05:00 AM

The bottom line on this Motivational Monday is simply wake up and BE AWESOME! How to do that? Well, try something different and start your day with sun salutations!

Sun salutations, surya namaskara, literally means to salute the sun and greet the new day. This graceful, flowing series of twelve poses synchronizes breath with movement creating a rhythm throughout your body. This rhythm engages every muscle, every bone, every inhale, every exhale and all of your thoughts, teaching us awareness with our self and to learn to surrender to what is.

“I understand, I see, I speak, I love, I do, I feel, I am.”

Technically speaking, movement and engagement of breath and rhythm builds heat in your body. In many cultures, light has been a symbol of self-illumination… and quite frankly, there is nothing more calming than being at peace with yourself. Feeling blissful will strengthen your mind and body to take on a brand new day. The beauty of sun salutations is it’s a repetitive sequence, beginning and ending in a home base, so you get to reap the benefits of each asana over and over again!

There’s no better way to wake up smiling welcoming a brand new day ahead. Go ahead, salute that sun today and every day. And as always, be awesome.









Post by Courtney Engel

Topics: Motivation

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