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6 Reasons to Ditch the Sneakers and Go Barefoot

By David Gelfand

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Feb 5, 2014 5:24:00 AM

barefoot-beach-yogaGoing barefoot as a kid shouldn’t only be a nostalgic, passing thought for you. Being able to reconnect with the earth in peace is truly one of the greatest sources of healing available to us. Unfortunately, our jobs, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and SHOES have all prevented us from spending enough time outdoors. This disconnect from nature and palpable, fresh life can wreak havoc both on our physical health and mental state.

I’m here to convince you that you should no longer let your job, shoes, or TVs get in the way of being outdoors. Here are six great reasons why each and every one of you should kick off your shoes at least once a day and step outside for nothing more than thought and relaxation.

bare-feet-lying-on-grass1) Foot Strength – That “support” in your shoes isn’t all that supportive. In fact, shoes generally cause more problems than they actually alleviate. Examples of these include an unnatural gait and friction which, in turn, can lead to any number of foot ailments.

2) Posture – Walking and/or running barefoot can also help improve your posture. Wearing shoes causes your feet to be positions unnaturally and, as a result, forces bad posture and back problems. Strengthening your feet can help with flexibility and agility for better posture.

3) Awareness – Being barefoot and experiencing nature first hand has shown to increase a person’s state of awareness and alertness. The soles of your feet have a TON of nerve endings which, when connected with the earth, provide great sensory feedback.

walking-on-the-earth-24) Reflexology – The study of reflexology is based on the stimulation of reflect points throughout your body (feet and hands, specifically). When walking barefoot, the natural textures of the earth apply pressures and stimulation to those points.

5) Earthing – the benefits of going barefoot aren’t just biomechanical in terms of foot strength. The earth’s surface has an endless supply of electrons that, when absorbed, help alleviate inflammation and synchronize your body’s frequencies.

6) It feels good – This should really be the only reason you need to step outside and let loose. If it makes you feel good and causes no harm, what have you got to lose?

Try it out – you won’t regret it! Whether it’s the sand, grass, mud, or even snow, you’ll feel refreshed and more alive after!

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