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Massage Therapy and Grounding – A Winning Combination

By David Gelfand

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Jan 8, 2014 3:00:00 AM

We absolutely love our amazing Juil community and enjoy hearing everyone's experiences wearing our sandals and shoes! Check out what Miranda Goll of sunny Southern California has to say!


1) How did you first hear about Juil?

I saw an ad in Yoga Journal for Juil!

2) Before Juil, had you ever heard of the concept of grounding/earthing?

Yes. I had read about earthing for jetlag and practice grounding through meditation.

3) What are your thoughts on alternative healing methods and grounding/earthing in particular?

I find them to be so important. I am a massage therapist, and have experienced many different types of "alternative healing" from vibration and energetics to herbs and needles, all of which have had profound results. As a therapist, it is vital for me to use grounding techniques which help me to release the energy of the day, and stay connected.

4) How have Juil and earthing shoes helped you feel better and be better?

I love my Juil shoes because they help me stay grounded without needing to remind myself to ground, or do grounding exercises. We are all human, and can forget self-care from time to time. Wearing Juil shoes is taking care of myself!

5) Aside from earthing/grounding, what are your favorite ways to stay connected, balanced, and calm?

My number one favorite way to stay connected and calm is definitely being in nature. Yoga and meditation are also crucial for me in maintaining a calm mental state.

6) Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes. I would also like to mention what an excellent customer service team Juil has. I had to return two pairs of shoes before I found the right size and fit for me, and Juil were so helpful and paid for the shipping both ways, both times! Juil won me over!


Post by David Gelfand

Topics: Earthing and Grounding

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