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How Earthing Helped Malin Feel Calmer and More Balanced

By David Gelfand

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Nov 6, 2013 3:00:00 AM

1) How did you first hear about Juil?

A friend of mine was wearing the shoes and at first I just noticed how beautiful they are. When she explained that they were also good for you, I knew I had to have some. After wearing my own for a while, I decided to purchase pairs for my husband and my mother as well.

2) Before Juil, had you ever heard of the concept of grounding/Earthing?

I had only loosely heard of the concept and did not really think anything of it. But it clearly makes sense that we should be connected to the Earth somehow. Just being outside makes me feel better immediately. The feeling of connecting to the ground with your bare feet is just wonderful, but not always possible - so this is a great solution.

3) What are your thoughts on alternative healing methods and grounding/Earthing in particular?

I definitely think that alternative methods of healing work. I practice yoga which helps me connect to the Earth through my whole body. I am also a vegetarian. Someone close to me battled with cancer simply by changing his diet. Your diet and the way you move certainly make the body what it is. Before doing yoga, I had migraines several times a month and now I have a hard time remembering when I had one last. I wear my Juil’s every time I go to class...

4) How have Juil and Earthing shoes helped you feel better and be better?

Wearing Juil’s, doing yoga and eating differently have made my body feel more energized. I stopped growing a while ago but recently noticed that I also have grown one inch (probably due to a change in posture)!

5) Aside from Earthing/grounding, what are your favorite ways to stay connected, balanced, and calm?

I think one of the best ways to get balanced and calm is to connect to the outdoors. I go horseback riding and immediately feel a difference in my state of mind. A piece of chocolate doesn't hurt either...



Post by David Gelfand

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Topics: Earthing and Grounding

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