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How Earthing Helped With Amanda’s Pregnancy

By David Gelfand

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Oct 2, 2013 4:00:00 AM

I first found out about Juil Shoes through another Pilates instructor, however at that time I had not yet purchased a pair of shoes. When I was pregnant in 2012 with my son, I suffered from a plethora of problems and extreme inflammation, like swelling in my feet and legs called edema. I had also been recovering from a bout of intestinal parasites from traveling outside the country, which had left horrible inflammation in my stomach. My mother had bought me an earthing mat to put at the end of my bed to help with my inflammatory issues; however, I unfortunately felt no relief, and my situation worsened as my pregnancy progressed.

In my profession as a Pilates Instructor, I am always seeking knowledge on ways to help my clients with their various injuries. Training clients such as professional dancers and athletes has led me to also look for the latest methods to improve peak performance and cross training for their respective sports. My clientele consists of children and dancers as young as 6, to adults in their 80's. I have cross trained professional dancers, and athletes such as NFL and MLB players. In order to successfully train any type of client, it’s extremely important for me, first and foremost, to find balance within my own body to be able to influence and encourage my clients to maintain their own balance and well-being.

I became extremely frustrated during my high risk pregnancy as my symptoms and inflammatory issues continued till the end of my pregnancy and even progressed after my son was born. I had plantar fasciitis in both feet making it extremely painful to walk. My feet were so swollen I couldn't even wear shoes. I walked around in slippers and the pain was still almost unbearable. I had so much discomfort, and having been an active person my whole life, the pain had taken me from a person of movement to just plain stagnant. This began to affect not only my physical body, but my mind as well. I am a person who loves movement, and my state of well-being was completely altered.

I tried such healing practices as meditation, yoga, EFT tapping (emotional freedom tapping technique), and sound healing to balance my mind, but I continued to suffer physically. I would have extreme pain in the mornings getting out of bed and throughout the day just trying to walk around. I received an email from Juil and figured I might as well try their shoes, as I was still walking around in slippers. So I ordered my first pair and as they say, “the rest is history.”

The customer service was amazing. I found them to be very knowledgeable on the concept of earthing and was very impressed. I received my first pair in 2 days. I put them on and felt the energy radiate through my legs almost immediately. I thought I had to be imagining things, as it just couldn't be possible to feel such an instant connection. I continued to wear the shoes day and night for a week, and noticed that my plantar fasciitis and pain were diminishing. I couldn't believe it. Right away I called them back and ordered 3 more pairs for myself and a few pairs for my parents, as well!

After wearing the shoes for a week my plantar fasciitis went away and I was finally able to start walking without pain. I was so amazed, I had to tell everyone I knew about my experience as they would become the only shoes I will wear!

The Juil brand not only offers an amazing line of shoes, but their customer service is excellent, and their packaging is awesome (you get a stylish yoga mat bag with each pair of shoes). I highly recommend Juil’s to not only people who are suffering from inflammatory issues, joint pain, or injuries, but also anyone who has great fashion sense and style. You don't have to be fashionable and in pain anymore. Thank you Juil!



Post by David Gelfand

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