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From Yoga Journal to Yoga Studio – Patricia’s Juil Journey

By David Gelfand

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Sep 18, 2013 4:00:00 AM


How did you first hear about Juil?

I first discovered Juil at a Yoga Journal Conference in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin about two years ago.

Before Juil, had you ever heard of the concept of grounding/earthing?

As a yoga teacher I am very familiar with grounding...grounding in standing poses, grounding in seated poses, but I had never thought about grounding in "shoes." In my meditation practice, I begin meditation by putting myself as close to the earth as possible, so as to enable the earth's natural energy to work with and for, my practice.

What are your thoughts on alternative healing methods and grounding/earthing in particular?

I have been practicing alternative healing methods for about 25 years. Some that I work with have been and are, macrobiotics, reiki, massage, yoga, meditation, brushing, sauna, acupuncture/acupressure. I work with and through integrated medical doctors as well as alternative healers for complete mind and body balance. By using natural energy sources for balance, the body and mind are more receptive to adjusting to those modalities for healing, than a chemical compound.

How have Juil and earthing shoes helped you feel better and be better?

My Juil sandals are wonderful! While at the yoga conference, I visited the Juil booth daily trying to decide if I should buy such a special pair of sandals. Finally my husband said, “please just buy them” and so now I have two pairs and I have never had a breaking them in period...I just put them on and began my Juil journey. Feeling more grounded with the copper connection keeps my feet and legs from getting tired when wearing my Juils all day.

Aside from earthing/grounding, what are your favorite ways to stay connected, balanced, and calm?

My yoga and meditation practice keep me grounded, balanced and calm (most of the time). I also teach those methods at a local shelter and a jail. I work with women to give them tools for having a better recovery and balanced journey of their own.

Anything else you’d like to add?

These really are amazing shoes and since my husband convinced me to buy my first pair, I would very much like to buy him a pair!


Post by David Gelfand

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Topics: Earthing and Grounding

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