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Yoga and Earthing – Susannah’s Story

By David Gelfand

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Sep 4, 2013 4:00:00 AM

Today’s customer testimonial comes from one of our friends out on the east coast. Susannah Ford is a Boston based yoga teacher and painter.




Here’s what Susannah had to say about her life as an artist and her passion for connecting with the earth through yoga and earthing.


1) How did you first hear about Juil?


I heard about Juil through Klutch Club - a healthy lifestyle monthly box subscription.


2) Before Juil, had you ever heard of the concept of grounding/earthing?


Not in my shoes! However as a yoga teacher, I guide my students into the yoga philosophy of grounding. Together we ground ourselves into our feet, our mats, and our bodies to find the true inner self. In my own yoga practice and life, I consistently strive to keep myself grounded and to be my best self.




3) What are your thoughts on alternative healing methods and grounding/earthing in particular?


I truly believe in nourishing the mind and body in healthy ways (yoga, ironmans, kale, wine, whatever makes you smile). Staying connected with people you care about will greatly help you make leaps along the journey of healing and happiness. Grounding oneself, in particular, is crucial to existing happily in the moment - not worrying about the past or future - being present, truthful, and smiling. :)


4) How have Juil and earthing shoes helped you feel better and be better?


Juil shoes are comforting in so many ways. They feel like home to my feet. If my feet are happy, so are my legs walking on them, and therefore the rest of my body! I wear my white Hera sandals for so many activities - walking to work, strolling to yoga class, around my apartment, and out to dinner. I think my feet get happy when I put on my Juils because they know they'll be in an enjoyable shoe for a while. Not forced into an uncomfortable position, but calm and grounded to the earth below. And last but certainly not least, my Juils are wicked cute (I'm from Boston)!




5) Aside from earthing/grounding, what are your favorite ways to stay connected, balanced, and calm?


Spending quality time with my family and friends. Practicing and teaching yoga. Running and swimming. Painting and drawing. Creating colorful, abstract works of art is my way of meditating. Relaxing on a beach with the sound of the ocean in my ears.


6) Anything else you’d like to add?


Inhale... ground yourself into the moment... SMILE!... exhale...


You can check Susannah out at On her site, you’ll also find links to all of her social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


Post by David Gelfand

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