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Talking Foot Health With Bill Meanwell - CPed

By Billy K

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Jul 23, 2013 9:17:00 AM

I have a special treat this week. While I consider myself to be a great CPED, the man that trained me is far superior to that. This week, Mr. Bill Meanwell CPED was kind of enough to sit down with me and answer some important questions for us. A lot of these questions came from our customers and they focused on questions related to foot health, footwear selection, and the benefits of earthing. Check out below for some very interesting responses.

Bill Meanwell

What is the main reason that maintaining foot health is so important?

  • Maintaining foot health and more importantly, the structural components of the feet, muscles and bone, is important because it helps control the biomechanics of your lower extremities as well as your overall gait.

natural foot health

What does it mean when people say that we are “healing from the ground up?” How is it that our feet are the “root of our existence?” That is, how do our feet affect the rest of our body?

  • We were never meant to walk on the hard surfaces, concrete, asphalt, etc., that we walk on today. We were meant to walk on softer surfaces, grass or sand. This is what necessitated the need for footwear because the natural biomechanics of the foot were compromised due to the fact that the surface would no longer adjust to the impact of the foot. This is why we wear shoes/sandals to protect the feet from impact on these harder surfaces. This will help maintain skeletal position of the foot, which helps with the overall biomechanics mentioned above.

Foot health

What is your thought on the newfound “barefoot movement?” From your experience, how does walking barefoot help/hurt a person?

  • As mentioned above, we were not meant to run on these harder surfaces so the use of these biomechanically barefoot products should be done so on softer surfaces to decrease the impact on the feet and joints. Additionally, the older you are, the more time is necessary to break in these products.


What are the most important considerations when choosing a style or sandal for yourself?

  • The most important thing is to pick a style that will properly stay on your foot. Additionally, a style that can help engage the intrinsic muscles of the foot will be even better.


Are slide or thong sandals better fit for certain types of feet?

  • This is truly a personal preference, but like the question before, the more engaging the sandal is for the intrinsic muscles the better.


We’d like to thank Mr. Bill Meanwell for his continued support and willingness to answer questions for us.


If you have any footwear or earthing related questions that you’d like answered from a medical perspective, please let us know and we’ll be happy to get those answers for you!




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