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How Earthing Shoes Helped Me – Erin’s Story

By David Gelfand

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Jul 17, 2013 9:28:00 AM

Erin is a pharmacy student from the greater Milwaukee area and was nice enough to reach out to talk about her experience with Juil. Being on her feet all day and hitting the books at night, Erin explained to us that her rest and focus are most important throughout the course of the day. Without her earthing sandals, she noted, her day can get really out of whack. Read on for our exclusive, first time interview with an earthing advocate.

Erin's earthing testimonial


How did you first hear about Juil?

  • Well, I’m a big-time shoe shopper and absolutely love to grow my collection. During the summer, I like to make sure I have comfortable yet stylish sandals in my collection. Rubber flip flops got old for me, didn’t offer much style, and just grew stale. My friend had recently gotten a pair of Juil Sandals at One Tooth (a store in a local mall) and told me about the new brand. I loved how the sandals looked and was totally amazed by the concept that the brand is based on. It truly is innovative!


Had you ever heard of grounding/earthing before?

  • Only briefly. As a yogi, I’m obviously familiar with the concept of staying in touch with the earth. Almost all of my yoga sessions start out sitting, back straight, and “rooting” or “grounding” yourself to the earth beneath you. This allows all of the energy to flow freely through your body. As a pharmacy student, I obviously spend a ton of time learning about different medicines and medical practices. This includes learning about alternative healing techniques in order to have a more rounded/holistic approach to medicine. I think that’s why I was so open to the concept and learning more.


How has grounding/earthing helped you?

  • It has helped me a ton! My boyfriend and I absolutely love traveling. With traveling come the difficulties of jetlag and out-of-sync feelings. I think that grounding has helped me most with this. I always travel with two pairs of Juils and, whenever possible, I slip the Juils off and take a walk on the beach. Aside from that, I feel like grounding just centers me.


What would you say to those people that don’t give it a chance?

  • What do you have to lose?! Like most people, walking barefoot is one of my favorite feelings ever. Whenever I get a chance, I like to go barefoot in the sand or grass outside of my house. It’s an amazing feeling that I truly think everyone should experience once in a while. We don’t get a chance to spend enough time in nature now-a-days! Let’s make the most of it when we get a chance. At least for those of us in Wisconsin, we can’t spend the later months going barefoot, that’s for sure. ;)


Post by David Gelfand


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