Do you plant a tree with each e-mail sent? Juil Does.

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With Earth Day rapidly approaching, there is a lot of excitement here at Juil.  Earth Day (April 22nd) marks Juil’s second anniversary – fitting for a company that is all about connecting you to the earth.  What I remember growing up whenever Earth Day came around, was that our school would give us saplings to plant at home.  We would also pick up trash that was in the Milwaukee River area or on the playground.


plant a tree


This time of the year reminds all of us to be conscious of our carbon footprint and impact on this beautiful and diverse planet we call home.  (Check out Bobby’s post about how he reduces his carbon footprint through carpooling)


At Juil, we’re conscious about the adverse effects we can have on this planet.  For that reason, we choose Namaste Light for our e-mail marketing platform.  You may be asking, “Peter, how can Namaste Light help mother earth?”  Well, Namaste Light has a “Send Emails, Plant Trees” program.  For each e-mail Juil sends, a tree is planted.


namaste lightnamaste light tree


In 2013 alone, we’ve contributed close to 87,000 trees.  Over the course of using Namaste Light’s e-mail, platform, we’ve contributed close to 160,000 trees.  We feel that it’s our responsibility to make sure we do our part in taking care of this amazing place.


If you aren’t signed up for our e-newsletters or haven’t checked your e-mail – do so now.  We have quite the Earth Day/2nd anniversary celebratory announcement to make.


Get out in nature and do something to better it for the future.  Share your pictures and experiences on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest  or blogs.


Don’t forget to tell your friends about Juil.  Pass on the word of our 2nd anniversary and of Earth Day!


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