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Yoga Diary – I Can’t Do the Crow

By David Gelfand

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Apr 16, 2013 3:16:00 PM

what-is-crow-1Well, there’s no easy way to put this: I’m new to yoga and really just not that good at it.

I recently wrote a post about being introduced to yoga and the difficult and, at times, reluctant journey that it’s been for me. Nevertheless, here I am, sharing my trials and tribulations with you. Whether you find my experiences so far as funny, cool, sad, or repulsive, they are what they are.

I’m looking to really “get” this yoga practice and hopefully one day be able to flow through one of the sessions with ease. Unfortunately, that time is not now…

I’ve gotten over the fact that women more than twice my age can do this better than me. I’ve even accepted that doing stretches can make me sweat profusely. But I still haven’t gotten over why I can’t master some of these poses. I mean, come on. A crow?!

yoga-crow-poseFor those of you that are familiar (which is likely most of you), this is a traditional yoga pose meant to strengthen your arms, abs, and thighs. For those that are relatively new to this yoga thing, here’s a quick article about the crow pose.

Needless to say, learning this one hasn’t been all that easy for me. It’s a pose that requires great patience, focus, and to some degree, strength. Let’s just say, these aren’t three of my fortes.

This is how the crow pose generally goes for me – I’m somewhat at a loss here. I plant my hands firmly into the mat. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus here, David. I even do some sort of rhythmic back-and-forth rock before engaging my upper body (I’m not so sure it helps at this point). Finally, I build up the courage to slowly (but surely) tip my body forward. With my elbows slightly bent, I’m ready to get the knees going. I’m ready to FLY! Well, almost. Until I tip over onto my head. Where is this force that’s supposed to keep me centered and balanced when I need it? I’m really not feeling the crow right now.

Juil friends – any suggestions are good suggestions here. My head’s starting to hurt a bit.

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