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Yoga Retreats: How to Choose and What to Expect

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 30, 2014 8:50:00 AM

By: Jenniferlyn Chiemingo

Nowadays you can travel almost anywhere on a yoga retreat; BaliCosta RicaMexico and so on. Each one is so unique but there are qualities that exist in all of them.  With so many options of where to go and who is teaching – how do you know what to expect or what is right for you? Here are some tips:

On most yoga retreats you will experience:

1)     Connection. By traveling with like-minded people and experiencing yoga (union), there is a natural energy that brings you together on a deep level. Each retreat I have led has brought me life-long friends. And more importantly – the students connect to each other and become soul-friends.

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Make a Change Today

Posted by Will Knight

Oct 29, 2014 10:00:00 AM

“You may not end up where you thought you’d be, but you always end up where you’re meant to be.”

It can be challenging to make a change in life but after the first steps feelings of excitement can take over. Instead of wondering how you will achieve your goals, focus on the steps that will lead you there. Taking things one day at a time can help you see that anything is possible. It can be difficult to trust that things will work out the way they’re supposed to, but they always do. Taking that step out of what is normal and into new adventures is what helps to keep life exciting. No matter where that new adventure is you are bond to find new and exciting things.

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Halloween Treat w/ Purchase | Energy Muse

Posted by Eva Caruso

Oct 28, 2014 10:00:00 AM

This Halloween week we are partnering with our friends at Energy Muse to offer a special treat with each purchase of Juils.

For every purchase of Juils, we are throwing in a free Grounding Bracelet by Energy Muse. Both Grounding Bracelets are made of Hematite and Quartz, which are known for their grounding qualities.

Bracelet shown in image above is made of Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Quartz Crystal.

Hematite is worn to help ground your energy as it brings focus and original thinking. Known as thee most powerful and effective gemstone for grounding, it absorbs negative energy from your body as it eliminating stress, worry and anxiety. Smoky Quartz is also a grounding and centering stone that connects you to the energy of the Earth. It helps you to keep both feet on the ground and remain balanced in any situation. Quartz Crystal magnifies and clarifies your intention. It purifies your energy and aura so that energy can flow smoothly.

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The Ultimate Halloween Giveaway – Teeki x Rock Your Bliss x Juil

Posted by Will Knight

Oct 27, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Trick-or-Treat! We’ve got quite the treat for you this Halloween!

Just because the weather’s getting a touch colder, doesn’t mean you stop your active lifestyle – yoga included!

To keep you motivated, we’re bringing you a one-of-a-kind giveaway from some of our favorite brands – Teeki, Rock Your Bliss and, of course, Juil!

This Halloween we’ll be giving away a complete outfit that includes a Rock Your Bliss tank, a pair of fun and funky Teeki pants and a pair of Juils too! Don’t miss your chance to win this outfit by entering to win here.

Wear your bliss! Whether it be yoga, pilates, or just hanging out, this super soft tank by Rock Your Bliss is perfect to sport in any of your day’s activities.

Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue are two Juil ambassadors who created Rock Your Bliss , a personal development and yoga movement for the mind and body. Not only do they offer this cute and comfy tank, but they lead retreats and workshops around the world, teaching people how to craft an inspired life of their design. Go to rockyourblissmovement.com and on Instagram @rockyourbliss to learn more about Rock Your Bliss and their upcoming events.

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2 Undeniable Reasons You Need To Start Composting

Posted by Will Knight

Oct 24, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Since setting up a backyard compost bin earlier this year, I’ve learned that the key to successful composting is maintaining a balance between carbon and nitrogen materials. A truly healthy compost pile should have about two-thirds carbon (brown) materials and one-third nitrogen (green) materials. The carbon-rich materials provide aeration to speed up the composting process, eliminate foul odors and help produce the perfect finished compost.

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Yoga Moves that Help with Anxiety

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 23, 2014 10:00:00 AM

By Kristin McGee

As a new mom let’s just say I have a lot on my mind. I am trying to run my business, teach classes, take care of myself and look after my adorable baby boy. I never thought I would have so many anxious thoughts all day long. I am constantly worried about my little guy having enough sleep, food, playtime, love, etc. “Am I being a good mom?” “How can I get work done and still spend precious time with him?” “Should I teach less hours?” I have a laundry list of questions running through my brain. And on top of it all, I’m barely getting any sleep each night!

Yoga to the rescue…every time I start to get really overwhelmed, I stop and take a deep, full breath. Whether Timothy is with me (I can do yoga poses while he’s playing in his activity gym) or I’m on my own, I will do these three yoga poses to help calm my nervous mind and quell the anxiety.

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How to Care For and Clean Your Leather Boots

Posted by Peter Coulter

Oct 22, 2014 10:00:00 AM

With the release of our Fire collection’s leather boots and shoes, we’ve gotten several questions about best practices for proper maintenance and care. In this post, I’ll be detailing some steps for how you can care for your Juil leather boots and shoes to keep them looking new for years.  Most of us have a few pairs of leather dress shoes in the closet with shoe trees in them – you can certainly use those cedar shoe trees in your Juil leather boots and shoes to maintain the correct shape of the leather; it may be a bit harder to use these in the Lelo, though.

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Yoga, Nature & Connection

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 21, 2014 10:00:00 AM

meditation-on-the-beachby Jenniferlyn (JL) Chiemingo

I love the summertime. I was born in July and to me – summer means being barefoot, walking on beaches and swimming in the water.  All these elements connect me to ME. They ground me and make me feel alive too! I remember, growing up in New England, summers where I never wore shoes at all.  I didn’t know it then, but maybe as a child I felt connected, safe, and in my body.  I spent fall in running shoes, winters in boots, spring in rain boots. But summertime, ahhh, meant freedom.

In my late 20s, I discovered yoga thanks to my mom and best friend.  I’d always thought it was just stretching.  As a person who loved moving my body in exercise, I worried it would not be enough for me.  But just the idea of returning to movement and without shoes, somehow felt like coming home.

Yoga is like coming home, to yourself.  In the yoga sutras the fourth Niyama (part of the 2nd –of 8- limbs of yoga) is svadhyaya or self-study. Svadhyaya comes from the root sva or “self.” Adhyaya means study or education. And what better way to understand yourself then to move and meditate.

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What Are Earthing or Grounding Products?

Posted by David Gelfand

Oct 20, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Earthing or Grounding products are those that offer your body a connection with the earth’s surface, when going barefoot isn’t appropriate or simply isn’t an option.

For hundreds and hundreds of years before our existence, humans (our ancestors) lived in very close contact with the earth. The societies and people at the time were living a highly agrarian lifestyle. Agriculture, the source of nourishment and sustenance, was the primary means of subsistence and people living then didn’t take it for granted.

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Fall into Autumn with Aromatherapy by Eden Botanicals

Posted by Eva Caruso

Oct 16, 2014 10:00:00 AM

The crisp air, cooler temperatures and vibrant shades of fall are here! It’s a perfect time to bring in the autumn spirit by blending and diffusing these warming, spicy aromas by Eden Botanicals.

Cedarwood Atlas- This cedarwood oil has a woody and sweet aroma that gives off a rich and warming scent. From Morocco, Atlas Cedar is one of the true cedarwood oils known to provide a calming and grounding effect, and is useful in meditation blends. When inhaled, it helps support the respiratory system and calms stress.

Patchouli - This truly fine oil is a wonderful fragrance that may not be recognized by many who claim that they do not like its scent. The nervous system definitely benefits from the aromatherapeutic scent of Patchouli. It helps reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety, while uplifting the mind. From Indonesia, this Dark Patchouli is deep and mellow with earthy undertones.

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