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What Are Earthing or Grounding Products?

Posted by David Gelfand

Oct 20, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Earthing or Grounding products are those that offer your body a connection with the earth’s surface, when going barefoot isn’t appropriate or simply isn’t an option.

For hundreds and hundreds of years before our existence, humans (our ancestors) lived in very close contact with the earth. The societies and people at the time were living a highly agrarian lifestyle.. Agriculture, the source of nourishment and sustenance, was the primary means of subsistence and people living then didn’t take it for granted.

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Fall into Autumn with Aromatherapy by Eden Botanicals

Posted by Eva Caruso

Oct 16, 2014 10:00:00 AM

The crisp air, cooler temperatures and vibrant shades of fall are here! It’s a perfect time to bring in the autumn spirit by blending and diffusing these warming, spicy aromas by Eden Botanicals.

Cedarwood Atlas- This cedarwood oil has a woody and sweet aroma that gives off a rich and warming scent. From Morocco, Atlas Cedar is one of the true cedarwood oils known to provide a calming and grounding effect, and is useful in meditation blends. When inhaled, it helps support the respiratory system and calms stress.

Patchouli - This truly fine oil is a wonderful fragrance that may not be recognized by many who claim that they do not like its scent. The nervous system definitely benefits from the aromatherapeutic scent of Patchouli. It helps reduce tension, insomnia and anxiety, while uplifting the mind. From Indonesia, this Dark Patchouli is deep and mellow with earthy undertones.

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Balance Your Mind and Body Through Earthing and Essential Oils

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 15, 2014 9:45:00 AM

By Charlynn Avery, Aura Cacia Educator and Aromatherapist

In this fast-paced digital world, stress and fatigue are both on the rise.  It is no coincidence that we are more disconnected from the earth and nature as a whole than we have ever been. There is a significant amount of research out there to support the benefits we receive from regular interaction with the natural world and the practice of earthing. We simply feel better when we are out in nature or in direct contact with the earth, experiencing support for our overall well-being.

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How Meditation Works

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 14, 2014 9:15:00 AM

By Ashley Turner

Meditation is one of the most crucial aspects to cultivate more peace and happiness in life. It is literally the first thing I recommend to all my students and clients to build self-esteem and intuition, hear your truth, make wise, skillful choices, improve communication, increase creativity and productivity and let go.

We can be in one of two states - either the mind is running us or we are running our mind.

My mentor, Dr. Ron Alexander, speaks of MIND STRENGTH and the changes that can occur as we begin the process of training the mind. Mind strength is one of the most empowering tools we can employ to impact and improve all aspects of life.

Here's the breakdown of how meditation works.

There are five major categories of brain waves, each corresponding to different activities we do. Meditation enables us to move from higher frequency brain waves to lower frequency and calm the mind.

Slower wavelengths = more time between thoughts = more opportunity to skillfully choose which thoughts you invest in.

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Silverado Resort – Juil Retail Spotlight

Posted by David Gelfand

Oct 10, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Name: Silverado Resort and Spa

Location: Napa Valley

Year Founded: 1953

What’s the story or meaning behind the name of your resort? What was the inspiration for the start of the Silverado Resort?

Long before entering California politics, General Miller sought a permanent home site remote from the commercial bustle of San Francisco. Having lived in Napa as a young attorney, and having served as Treasurer of Napa County in the mid 1850s, he was familiar with Rancho Yajome and the beautiful valley which was one day to be made famous in Robert Louis Stevenson’s story "The Silverado Squatters." When he acquired the first parcel with its rolling hills, wide meadowlands and groves of oak, birch and pine, with sparkling, chattering Milliken Creek winding across the valley floor and the beautiful Napa hills framing it against a cloudless sky, he knew he had reached the end of his search.

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Fall In Love With Smith Teamaker

Posted by Eva Caruso

Oct 9, 2014 9:29:00 AM

It’s that time of year again when a blanket, cup of tea, and a nice read are all that we need. Digging through our assortment of teas this week at Juil, we came across an all-time favorite.

This week, we are bringing back Smith Teamaker to introduce some of the delicious flavors they have in store for this fall. Smith Teamaker is dedicated to providing their consumers the freshest tea by blending and packing their teas to sell within 30 days. Not only is Smith Teamaker serious about providing quality, fresh tea, but they include the batch number on the bottom of every package for consumers to learn the provenance of the ingredients, who blended the tea, when the tea was blended and packaged, and the batch notes for each carton of tea.

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How to Clean Your Juil Moccasins

Posted by Peter Coulter

Oct 8, 2014 10:00:00 AM

With the launch of our highly anticipated Earth collection that features all different types of mocs – from boots to slip-ons – we want to make sure that you know how to take care of and clean them. As with all shoes, cleaning and general maintenance are of utmost importance to make sure the footwear lasts a long time and holds up to your lifestyle. This is especially true for moccasins.  

Most moccasins, including our own, are made with premium, suede leather uppers, allowing for a durable and comfortable feel. Suede can be very tricky to clean, but don’t worry – these few simple tips can help keep them looking and feeling brand new!  IF DIY techniques aren’t preferred, taking your shoes to a dry cleaner to be professionally cleaned is certainly an option.

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7 Ways a Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life

Posted by Guest Blogger

Oct 7, 2014 10:00:00 AM

By Jennifer Pastiloff

I lead yoga retreats all around the world. What I have found through my experience with this is that they are life changing. You may ask, "Why would I want to go on a retreat rather than just simply a vacation?"

Here's why:

1. You will fall in love.

I fell in love at my last retreat.

I was surrounded by palm trees and magnificent ocean views and hammocks. Part jungle, part fantasy, my heart burst open and cracked in half with wild love. I was giddy with it.

Yes, I have been married for two years and no, it was not with my husband.

And yes, I love my husband deeply. Although it may not be him I am speaking of directly, he is, in fact, directly affected by this falling in love of mine, as it were.

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How to Fit Earthing and Yoga Into Your Routine

Posted by David Gelfand

Oct 6, 2014 10:00:00 AM

I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes days, routines, and practices can get repetitive. My body becomes accustomed to the time I wake up, get dressed, eat, leave work, and so forth. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a routine. After all, many of us require structure and stability in our lives to make sure that things get done.

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Festive Fall: Mulled, Spiced & Spiked Cider

Posted by Alison Gallun

Oct 3, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Can you believe it? October is here. Fall is already in full swing, and before we know it, winter will be knocking on our doors. Holiday season’s on the way too, and whether you’re hosting the seasonal shindigs or attending them, everyone loves a delicious drink that tastes and smells like homemade apple pie.

Every fall, my friends and I have our annual Friends-giving, a potluck dinner in late October or early November, before life gets too hectic with the holidays. It’s our time to enjoy each other’s company, tell our favorite stories and, if we’re lucky, snag some delicious recipes right before our families’ gatherings.

This recipe comes from Friends-giving 2013’s hostess, Lauren, who made this mulled, spiked cider a few hours before the rest of us arrived. The encompassing smell of the cider was so warm and delicious, that walking into her apartment was like walking in to a cozy hug after a long day.

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